My experience with the Guild Practice has been excellent.  I have received high quality customer care on all my visits.  The treatment that I have received has reduced the pain that I experienced and therefore improved my quality of life.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Guild Practice to others.

Anne, 18th February 2017

I recently had Inman Aligner fitted at the Guild Practice.  Over a 4 month period that this treatment lasted the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful with any queries and generally made me feel very welcomed.  I am thrilled with the results of the treatment itself and would highly recommend the Guild Practice to anyone.

Following the procedure I had no pain, no swelling and no bruising. Strictly following the instructions Heidi gave me, enabled me to recover with stitches very quickly, free of infection.

Marilyn Gage, June 2015

I have been a client since the practice opened and have always been satisfied with their service. With their emphasis on preventative dentistry, and superb cosmetic work as well, they give excellent all round cover. I broke a front tooth recently and was seen the same day for a temporary fix. All the permanent options were discussed and the fitting of the replacement tooth and implant was done with great attention to detail – I cannot recommend then highly enough.

John Catherwood

I found the Guild Practice on the off chance, by doing a Google search of Cosmetic Dentists in the area, and I was so impressed with my consultation that I was happy to proceed with the treatment that Heidi recommended. This included a bite guard to prevent me from grinding my teeth at night, as well as adding veneers to build my teeth back up from the damage I had caused. All the staff are very professional, and make you feel welcome. I would certainly recommend the Guild Practice to anyone looking cosmetic dentistry or otherwise. 5 Stars.

Claire Dobbin

In my many years of dental experiences I have found the Guild Practice to be the best and most rewarding. From contact on a personal level, consideration for the patients’ needs, to the dental treatment itself I have found outstanding in every way possible. I cannot praise Heidi and Bruce highly enough.

Frank Murray

Kathy Stevenson has been my dentist for 7 + years now and I have been very impressed by her meticulous and thorough attention to detail. She is an extremely skilful dentist and I place great trust in her judgement and know that any treatment will be pain free.

I always have a good experience at the Guild Practice, everyone is charming and professional.

N. McBride

I have been a patient of the practice for a number of years and have found them efficient and professional in their approach. Various dental treatments that I have had have been carried out to a high standard. Staff are always courteous and helpful and create a welcome and friendly atmosphere.

Frank Brady

Following my recent visit to The Guild Practice I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the high standard of treatment and customer care I received. From the moment one is greeted at the reception area, to the comfortable relaxed ambience of the waiting room, and on to the treatment room itself, one can only be impressed with the quiet air of professionalism throughout. I would thoroughly recommend that anyone aspiring to good dental health should be proactive in their approach and immediately follow up their regular check-ups with the suggested treatment without delay.

John Henderson

Dear Heidi and Kathy,

I am now safely back in California and buried deep in work, but I wanted to say how much I really appreciated the expertise of you both when I was recently home in Belfast. I’ve had a morbid fear of dentists since about age 8, that’s over half a century, and being treated by you both was about as wonderful an experience as anyone could ever expect to have at the dentist!

I truly appreciated your kind and reassuring manner and patience with the local anaesthesia administration until it allowed you to do all the work you both did totally painlessly. If I could have come every day for treatment, I would have. People back here think I’m weird when I tell them that having three days in the dental chair was the best part of my holiday, but it felt really good to have the time spent so productively and with such obvious skill and aplomb, and no prolonged waiting and absolutely zero discomfort.

I’d like to thank all your office staff too: both Traceys were very nice and very helpful and accommodating.

If I need any more work done next time I am back in Belfast, I’ll be sure to give you a call.

Peter Crookes

I have been a patient with Heidi over the past 18 months. I’ve been to several dentists over the years trying to get my teeth sorted but none of them gave me the confidence that Heidi did. I have no hesitation in recommending the Guild Practice to anyone who is thinking of having dental implants, fillings and cosmetic treatment. Also I recommend them to anyone who is frightened and uncomfortable with going to dentists. At The Guild Practice you feel very comfortable, because they work in a highly professional and efficient manner. I want to express my thanks to all staff at The Guild Practice for giving me a brighter smile to be proud of.

A. Alahmadi

I have been under Heidi’s care for several years and asked her advice on teeth whitening as it was a concern of mine. Her explanation of the whole procedure was clear and the subsequent treatment was simple and successful! I would have no hesitation in recommending teeth whitening carried out by The Guild Practice. I was very pleased with the results which I would emphasise were very natural, but noticeably different. Since having the whitening done, I’ve received many compliments on my smile where previously I would have been very self-conscious regarding it. Now people comment to me that I’m lucky to have teeth that wouldn’t need whitened… for me to then confess the truth.


Prof Sir George Bain

Very pleased with all aspects of treatment and personal attention. I would have no qualms with recommending this practice.

R Gracey, December 2019

So delighted with the professionalism and excellent treatment that I have just flown 4 1/2 hours to have dental treatment here. Many thanks for all the wonderful care.

Lesley, December 2019

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