CT Scanning Information

After a long wait, we finally took delivery of our much sought after CBCT scanner earlier this year. It is long overdue and will represent a tremendous benefit to all our patients who need, as part of their dental implant planning, a CT scan of their jaw. The machine will also be made  available to other patients who do not routinely visit us but come to us on referral from other practices.

The imagery from this instrument is second to none with incredible high quality 3D imaging now at our fingertips on site at The Guild Practice. Unlike many other machines, there is no need to ‘knit’ images together and thereby no risk of double exposures of areas of the mouth.

Using this machinery we will be able to view the upper and lower jaw from any angle, through the entire depth of the jaw and plan with tremendous precision for their implant placements.

Of course not only will we be able to do this but we will be able to more ably diagnose conditions that cannot be fully visualised using regular 2D x-ray imagery.

CBCT scans represent a giant leap forwards for clinicians and is now available on referral at The Guild Practice. We will provide you with a CD of the patient’s scan. All you need do is simply load up the CD and the viewing software will be loaded with this allowing you to view the images and manipulate them as you prefer.

I recently had Inman Aligner fitted at the Guild Practice.  Over a 4 month period that this treatment lasted the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful with any queries and generally made me feel very welcomed.  I am thrilled with the results of the treatment itself and would highly recommend the Guild Practice to anyone.

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