Composite Bonding Information

This procedure, and the materials used, have been perfected over many years and now use the benefits of nano-technology in their design. The beauty of using this technique is that we can transform your smile in one single visit with us. Using composite skilfully and artistically we can bond just the right amount of composite, in the right place, of the correct shade and the change can be truly outstanding.

Implants before and after 1
Implants before and after 2

This procedure is used when we are trying to reshape teeth, close gaps where small gaps existed between teeth or repair broken teeth. These materials are also used when we are removing old mercury amalgam fillings and replacing them with composites. Many patients are concerned with the potential health and safety implications of these old amalgam materials and prefer the use of composites.

How are composites placed?

Composite is bonded to the tooth surface. We have to optimise the surface of the tooth to which we are bonding the composite. After any necessary tooth preparation, this requires:

  • Etching the tooth surface with phosphoric acid for about 20 seconds.
  • Coating the tooth with a very fine layer of bonding liquid.
  • Building the tooth up with the appropriate shades of composite.
  • Finally, the composite will be shaped and polished to give the appearance of an unrestored tooth.

At The Guild Practice, we have been carrying out many of these procedures for many years and our patients are delighted with the results that can be achieved in such a short space of time. This procedure requires skill and experience to undertake to a high standard and all of our dentists here at The Guild Practice have, through experience and post-graduate training, acquired a high level of ability to undertake these treatments – much to the satisfaction of our patients.

The cost of this procedure varies greatly as the do the applications to which they are put. A smaller composite restoration could cost £100 whereas a full veneer on a front tooth could cost up to £400. We will always provide you with a quotation in advance of your having this treatment with us.

My experience at the Guild Practice has always been a very positive one. The dentist has always been very supportive and reassuring especially when I am anxious and nervous about treatment.
The plans for treatment are always fully explained and during treatment, the dentist will talk through each step which is very helpful.
I would really recommend the Guild Practice

Anne Mulvenna. Read more testimonials here.

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